Video & Photography

Using drones as a platform, aerial images and footage can give a unique, unobstructed view of ordinarily difficult-to-view areas. Shots taken from the very latest high resolution camera technology, utilising the drone as a platform, can enhance the creative marketing of any business.

Drone photography is used extensively in the property sales sector allowing estate agents to showcase their properties more creatively. The construction industry also uses aerial footage to highlight the development of projects over a period of time and now uses many different techniques such as time-lapse and multiple frame stitching for large-scale images. Major events, such as the maiden voyage of a vessel or open-air concerts, are never without a drone in the air. Drones are also becoming an important tool in the capturing of evidence involving incidents such as industrial accidents and pollution incidents.

Pelitec drones and cameras are broadcast quality approved and support Netflix, Warner Media, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and offer live streaming capabilities.

 Features include:

  • High shutter speeds – up to 200 frames per second
  • High resolution video imagery – 5.2k Apple ProRes and 6k CineDNG
  • High quality, low noise still photography – 24MP stills with 14 stops of dynamic range
  • Real time HD video transmission – 1080p