Asset Management & Inspection

With Pelitec you will have access to high, live and difficult to reach structures:

  • Aerial surveys
  • Visual and thermal inspections
  • 3D Digital Twin images

Drones can navigate your assets quickly and efficiently to identify degradation or damage, allowing enhanced control and maintenance of critical assets.

From ports, offshore wind and oil platforms, intelligent drones can integrate seamlessly into Asset Management (AM) systems to bring a new level of efficiency and safety.  

Employees previously deployed on inspection activities can now be redeployed to complete crucial maintenance tasks keeping equipment operational and optimised.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced risk to personnel (working at heights, high voltage infrastructure, contaminants, large bodies of water)
  • Better accessibility to areas difficult to reach by personnel, for example confined spaces (both ashore and onboard vessels), sea-side infrastructure, vessel exterior
  • Faster, repeatable workflow resulting in reduced downtime and loss of productivity
  • Remotely appraise asset condition, damage, deformation or corrosion
  • Assure operational sustainability through real-time maintenance information
  • Generate detailed reports to support industry and governmental standards, as well as warranty and compliance requirements
  • Remote monitoring of stockpiled cargoes including dry bulk cargo and general cargo
  • Remote monitoring of containers and cars via RFID readers whilst transiting terminal premises