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Pelitec subscribers benefit from reduced costs, an expanded service offering and the ability to compete in new sectors with 100% compliance confidence. Pelitec provides a full suite of components to our subscribers, including:

  • Physical UAS hardware
  • Hardware support and maintenance
  • User training, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Software supporting SOPs
  • Emergency operating procedures
  • User maintenance training
  • Audit of operational practices
  • Insurance
  • Consultative support for extended services including VLOS (airspace permissions)
  • Operational support
  • Sales support

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Consultancy Services

Employing drones improves efficiency, increases safety, and delivers new revenue streams for businesses. Many questions are raised at the same time and the team at Pelitec can provide the answers.


A recent PWC industry survey found:

  • “only 4% of respondents feel very familiar with the current Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rules governing drone use”
  • “52% of business respondents to our survey agreed more drone services would be used if there were more service providers with a credible offering”
  • “among businesses who already use drones more than 90% believe they are already delivering an array of benefits.”

Risk Analysis

Under UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) all operations must be demonstrably managed to a level that is As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) within the context of the Tolerability of Risk Framework. Deciding whether a risk is ALARP can be challenging. Pelitec’s proprietary approach will support this process, considering novel situations and good practice, including cost-benefit analysis, to meet your specific needs.

Equipment Selection

Drones are much more than a camera platform. From maritime and air pollution monitoring to asset management, the array of tools and integrations can be mind boggling and this builds insecurity into the decision-making process. Pelitec engineers will work with you to understand your objectives and key success factors, your detailed needs, and requirements, and ultimately your budget and anticipated return. We can suggest platforms that have multiple uses, assuring high asset utilization and minimal maintenance.

As a turnkey provider we can supply and maintain UAV assets that meet your current needs and have extensibility to provide for the future.